Fanhams Hall

This is a really good and easy to work at venue from the point of view of a photographer/videographer. The Long Gallery, which is typically where the ceremony takes place, has plenty of light thanks to the large windows. There is also a lot of space, which gives us plenty of angles to choose when shooting. However, this isn’t the only place for great photos – the interiors have plenty of variety, from contemporary to classic Jacobean mansion atmosphere. But the venue really shines outside from the photo/video point of view. There were so many absolutely fantastic angles, starting from simple shots with the classy-looking mansion in the background, to the Japanese gardens, fountain plaza, and many other smaller features – we always have plenty to work with and are never out of choice of how to take that next shot. A grand staircase works well for shots from above, and a night shot at the main entrance looks fantastic as expected.

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