We are in the process of rolling out wedding videos. We started filming videos (along with taking photos) at weddings fairly recently, and don’t yet have an impressive enough video portfolio to match our photography portfolio. Because our video experience is not on par with our photography just yet, we don’t feel we can charge reasonable prices for video; and so, we are going to shoot wedding videos in 2020 basically for peanuts (please see our prices below), to allow us to gain more videography experience and to create a viable video portfolio.
You are welcome to mix and match our photo and video packages in any combination. The cost of the music license is included; aerial (drone) footage is also included with the Cinematic and Feature Film packages.

Documentary film package £150

  • Ceremony and speeches documentary video
  • Delivered via download
If you just want to document your ceremony and speeches, and aren’t too bothered about the rest of the day or any creative takes, this would be the package for you.

Cinematic film package £250

  • Morning prep, ceremony, speeches and the first dance documentary video
  • 3-4 minute creative music video
  • delivered in a USB pen drive
You will receive two videos. The first one is the wedding day documentary, covering the key parts – morning prep, ceremony, speeches and the first dance. It is important, but you also want to remember the mood, the atmosphere of the day. The second video will deliver just that – a few minutes of pure emotion and inspiration, put to music and giving our creative take on your big day. Have some tissues for the first viewing.

Feature film package £350

  • Extended documentary video covering key parts of the day and more
  • 3-4 minute creative music video
  • 1 minute creative music video highlight for social media
  • delivered in a personalised, gift-boxed USB pen drive
In the extended documentary we will cover the key parts of the day and the “behind the scenes”, from the morning prep through to the evening party – very handy when you have an empty evening and a full bottle. On top of the creative music video from the Cinematic Film Package, we will add a one minute creative music video highlight of your wedding – good for Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s your big day – show it off!

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