“When will my photos be ready?” We understand your excitement. The quick and simple answer is that most couples will get their digital files within a month after the wedding, and their printed album within four months after the wedding. These are conservative estimations, usually it will be quicker – see below for details.

This is what we will do after your wedding:

  • We will retouch your photos. This is a manual job; it can take anywhere between two weeks at a very quiet time, and a month at peak wedding season. We appreciate it’s a long time to wait, but trust us – the results are worth the wait. When the photos are ready, we will publish an online gallery, so you can view, share or download them immediately.
  • Then we will ask you to give us information about your album preferences, transfer the final payment, and approve your album design. How long this step will take, depends entirely on you. It can be less then a week if you reply promptly; if you take your time, then you will receive your album later.
  • After you’ve approved your album design, we will submit it to a print lab. Your album will be handcrafted and shipped from abroad; with postage it can take up to two months.

If you want to really get into the details of our delivery process, please see our workflow page.

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