We are in the process of rolling out wedding videos. We started filming videos (along with taking photos) at weddings fairly recently, and don’t yet have an impressive enough video portfolio to match our photography portfolio. Because our video work is not on par with our photography just yet, we don’t feel we can charge reasonable prices for video; and so, we are going to shoot wedding videos in the near future basically for peanuts, to allow us to gain more videography experience and to create a viable video portfolio. Our prices for wedding videography in 2020 will be between £100-350 depending on the video package chosen (these will be different from photography packages); however, prices for 2021 will be higher, because by that time our video work will be more established.

Although this is still very much a work in progress, please feel free to enquire about details – we have started delivering wedding videos and are willing to offer very low prices for videography packages in 2020, on top of our photography packages.

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