After your wedding we will deliver over a thousand photos. Most of them, 500-700, will be delivered as they were taken by our cameras – unedited. However, what makes us different from many wedding photographers, is that we will also select the best 300-400 photos (depending on your chosen package) and edit them; many of the edited photos will also be retouched. But what does that mean, you might ask?

Imagine a typical wedding venue or a church: it’s nice inside, but if you look closer at the lighting conditions, they are usually not ideal. The light is sparse and coloured, which means that the photos will be dark and have a yellowish tint to them. Human eyes adapt really well to various lighting conditions, so you might say that you can see everything just fine; unfortunately, even the best professional cameras don’t work as wonderfully as our eyes, and people’s faces will often look dark and orangey on photos.

When editing our photos, we will fix that. Look again at the image at the top of the page: that’s what editing is. We will crop a photo to improve composition, adjust exposure to make it look bright and clean, and correct colour balance to make faces and skin look as natural as possible under the lighting conditions.

Many of the edited photos will also be retouched; retouching is simply a deeper, more detailed editing, which requires more effort, but also gives better results. Retouching often involves removing unwanted objects from a photo to make it look clean and uncluttered:

For close-up portraits, we will make skin look perfect:
And sometimes, for our favourite photos, we will just sprinkle a little bit of magic:

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