We deliver digital files with all our collections, but are you sure you will be able to view them in 30 years on whatever devices you will be using by then? This is why we include albums in our collections. An album is an album; it will never have compatibility issues, and you will be able to show it to your grandchildren regardless of how crazy their virtual reality implants will get. It’s a 30x30 handmade, highest quality fine art photo album, printed on premium photo paper. It’s a lay flat album, meaning that it has a type of binding that allows the pages to stay open and remain completely flat, so you don’t have to hold down the pages while viewing the album. The Premium collection comes with 30 pages included; the Luxury collection includes 80 pages.

We can upgrade your album to a wooden cover, if you prefer a rustic look. It’s the same size, same pages album – just the cover is different.

A personalized gift-boxed USB stick is also included in Premium and Luxury collections. It will have your names engraved on both the stick and the outer box; the stick will be at least 8GB – enough to hold all your digital photos in high resolution.

It’s always possible to make small tweaks to our products (album colours and materials, custom engravings on the USB box, etc). Apart from the products included in our collections, we can deliver a wide range of other products – framed prints, additional smaller albums for parents, acrylic wall prints, loose prints, canvases, printed T-shirts, and so on and so forth – we will be happy to provide more details if you are interested.

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