Once upon a time, there was a bride named Lucy. She loved having a nice cup of coffee in a cafe, reading good books and staring at clouds. And she was going to get married. Nicely.

It turned out that’s easier said than done, though. It’s so hard to find the right venue, the right baker, and, yes… the right photographer or videographer. There are many, many photographers and videographers around – how do you know who is the right one for you?

Sounds familiar? Thought so.

We know what you are thinking: “Now they will tell me how great they are”. Yes, we do think that we are good, but we also think that we are not suitable for everyone. Some people will love our photos, our videos and our service. Others… well, it’s not that they would be completely unhappy. But they would have their reservations about us.

We are now going to help you to see whether you will like us – or not.

First of all, who are “we”? Well, we are Natalie and Vitaly, a husband and wife duo living in Oxfordshire creating beautiful wedding memories in photos and video – mostly in England and Wales but also abroad. We’ve been doing this for years (see reviews on our Google profile or Facebook profile) and plan to keep working for many more years to come. Because we love it. (surprise!)

What’s our style? Our photos are true to life, with classical colours and people highlighted. We retouch and colour grade our images by hand, which makes our photos really pop – and be timeless. And then we deliver them in digital and in a stunning printed wedding album, which comes free with our packages. In our videos we emphasise the story – showing the emotions, the love and the excitement of the day.
What’s our service like? We will do everything for you. We will guide you all the way through, so you don’t have to worry what/when happens next. We will review your timeline, to make sure your wedding day will go as planned. We will follow you unobtrusively throughout the day, capturing every moment worth remembering from two different angles, because both of us will be shooting – and we will direct you if/when you want to be directed. We won’t set specific time limits for our work – you’ll never hear from us “It’s 8pm, your time is up”. Instead, we work to milestones; when we say “We will shoot until the beginning of the evening party”, it means it doesn’t matter if your party gets delayed – we will stay as long as needed to take photos and videos of people dancing. After the wedding we will produce a stunning wedding album, asking for your approval where necessary.
Picture this…

Your granddaughter is having lunch at yours. Her parents have left the curious six year old for the weekend, so today it’s your turn to answer all the what’s and why’s:

– Granny, why do people get married?
– They do when they love each other, dear.
– Did you marry grandpa too?
– Of course I did sweetheart.
– What was it like? Did you have a white dress and look pretty and all that?

You smile quietly: “Didn’t I look pretty…” and then think – now is a good time to show her the album; she will understand. You walk over to the bookshelf and find the album. When you take it in your hands, the quality feel of the leather cover reminds you of that day, even before you open the pages… You lay the album down on the table in front of your granddaughter, and when she looks at the page that you opened for her, she only says “Wow! Granny you looked really pretty!” You, caught by the memories, start turning the pages. This photo is one of your favourites: as your husband leans in to gently kiss your forehead, you smile slightly – and even though your eyes are closed you can see your long life together…
This story above?.. That’s what we work for. We cannot do it alone; we will need your help. Not too much: a little preparation before the wedding and some dedicated photography time at the wedding. If you want your photographers and videographers to just do their job without any involvement on your side – we probably won’t be the best fit. But if you are willing to invest a little time into producing emotional and lasting memories of your wedding, then we are the photographers and videographers for you.

We will fully commit ourselves, physically and emotionally, to your wedding, with one purpose in mind: to make the story above possible.

Trust us: it’s worth it.

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